Find information in your datasets to get information advantage.

Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Decision Support Systems

You might have large data sets from your business and you can see what is happening right now and also what has happened in the past. But what if you could predict some of those events before they happened? Would you be able to increase your profit or would you be able reschedule your planned activities? The Molflow team builds digital twins and predictive models to help you to make better choices.

What we do

We organize your large data sets so they can be combined with other related data sets, trying to find correlations in the data with both AI methods and statistical approaches. We analyse the problem from an analytical perspective to guide data centric models to respect known facts.

We strive to make the results as easy as possible to understand for people. What is the cost of an action? How long will an event be? Is the outcome good or bad? When should you take action, and what is the cost for alternative actions? These are some of the questions we can help you answer.