fuel optimization with smarter algorithms and better weather data

Molflow have successfully participated in a EU founded project called EONav to save fuel and reduce emissions from shipping. We are developing the system together with a group of companies; Offshore Monitoring, Global Maritime Services, Offshore Navigation, Color Line, Laurin Maritime and Chalmers University of Technology. The outcome of the project is a tool for shipowners and the team on the bridge to sail the most efficient route at sea. Depending on the circumstances at sea, wind, currents, waves VoyOpt can save shipping companies a substatial part of fuelcosts by using this system. Briefly explained the system contains a weather model with fourteen day forecasts and a ship specific shipmodel to simulate the operations at sea. In the background lots of analysis and advanced algorithms are running to find an efficient route.

Laboratory data

Molflow is contracted by University of Gothenburg to maintain and develop "Scan-o-matic" an open source system to measure growth of yeast or bacteria colonies. The purpose with the system is to quantify growth of colonies in different substances to either promote or depress certain strains.


Is licensed under GPL-v3 and is free to use and to modify as long as you publish your improvements back to the community. The free access to the source code makes the system trustworthy and suitable for scientific publications. Molflow have the knowledge to develop specialised modules in the system to implement your algorithms for your specific research. There is also a company providing complete solutions including hardware, hardware installation, maintenance and secure backups for your research data. For more information visit Phenomics Sweden.

Molflow grows

- we need your help!

We need your help to grow! Are you looking for a new job? If you think your knowledge would fit with ours, don't hesitate to get in touch. We need to increase our team with one or two members to meet the demand in our projects. If you are a good programmer with understanding of Linux services like databases and know techniques to build good and fast web-backends, you might find new challenges in our team?

Molflow is a small and dynamic company cooperating with science teams in several project to collect, process and compare data from complex sensors. For the moment we are building a route planning system for shipping where data from the Copernicus satellites is an important component. In another project we are cooperating with a research group at Chalmers University of Technology to build a tool to process, validate and disseminate data from the Odin satellite to the science community.

You should be comfortable to use the following languages, tools and standards: Python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Mongo, Redis, GeoJSON, Javascript, Matlab, SCM, D3, OpenLayers, REST, Bash, Grib, NetCDF, Docker, CI.

Molflow - keeping an eye on the Earth

Odoo CMS - a big picture

One world

Together with our partners at Chalmers University of Technolongy (Sweden) and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (Japan) we are analysing the atmosphere to help build a sustainable world.

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