Ground segment systems

- building data processing chains

Do you want to process a large dataset, possibly in near real time, without using your own valuable time to find out how to do it in an efficient way? Molflow is specialist of setting up fully automatic processing chains tailored for running algorithms on large data sets.

Some instruments, such as research satellite based instruments, can in a relatively short period of time, produce a large dataset. Processing, or running alghoritms, on large datasets can be problematic in several ways. Keeping track of which versions of algorithms and data that have been processed or not, and make sure the desired data get processed can take a large amount of your time and give you a headache.  

Molflow are specialists of setting up fully automated data acquisition and processing chains. The basic idea is a wise usage of a dedicated processing database, a processing queueing system, and maximum usage of your computation resources. The results from your algorithms are available for you without worries and struggles, so that you can spend your time towards more research oriented tasks.   

Molfow has experience of setting up processing chains for data from three different satellite projects: Odin, SMILES, and GOSAT.

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A processing system helps organising your data

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